A little about me....

I currently reside in Sydney with my husband and two babies - Charley and Elias. 
I have been photographing weddings for over five years now since starting my business in 2014 - and have loved every minute! I still pinch myself most days that I can call this work, as its just the most rewarding and enriching job I have ever done. I get to meet so many amazing people, tell their stories through creative photography and see many beautiful places along the way - what more could I ask for!

In my spare time I enjoy exploring Sydney and the Coast, I love being outdoors, enjoy road trips with my family and listening to some old school 90's music.
I enjoy practicing a little bit of yoga every evening - I'm quite tall so need to stretch!
I appreciate a great cappuccino and have a side passion for interiors and home wares. I always love a little DIY project and I enjoy gardening - only for succulents though, as they are the only kind of plant I can keep alive!... Oh, and mint, that stuff grows like a beast.

I currently live in the beautiful Sutherland Shire in Sydney's South and regularly photograph weddings here too. This is a little snapshot of home studio and office which I have made my own beautiful and inspiring space complete with photographs, artworks by my budding-artist children, my favourite plants and just special nicknacks that are sentimental to me. I also claimed our dining table for my space, as I just loved it so much.

If your wedding is not located in Sydney that's GREAT! I absolutely LOVE to travel and have captured sessions as far North as QLD, and as far South as Eden. If your wedding is out of the country? Even better! I'd love to photograph a wedding overseas one day and happy to work out a custom quote for you. Just let me know all the details!

These are the timber 6x4 boxes that I provide at the end of my services and they are handmade and engraved to house your USB and prints. I LOVE giving something at the end of my services that is tangible, and can be kept forever. I've been told its where my couples keep their important little treasures and keep-sakes from their wedding day and I love that!

They do not come branded with my logo - but with YOUR initials. Inside is the USB with your photographs in two folders - a high resolution set for printing and low resolution set for web and emailing. I provide around 10-20 printed photos from your day in there too, as I know how time consuming it can be to get to decent photo printers!

A little about my style

• Firstly I want you to have fun and enjoy the day!

I want you to remember all the fun and beautiful moments of the day, so I will NOT that be photographer who takes you away from your guests for a 3 hour photoshoot. I aim to seamlessly fit in with your family and friends with a candid and relaxed approach, to capture those real moments of pure joy. I usually shoot using the natural light - before the reception - so that I'm NOT missing important moments setting up lighting and equipment. I keep it simple so that you don't feel like you're on a TV production.

• Colour and life in your photos!

I love COLOUR and LIFE in your wedding photography - a true representation of the day! I don't over-filter your photos as I try and keep your images as close to to the true colours, but also ensuring clean and consistant photographs that in years to come will be timeless. I provide some images in black and white - depending on the mood or detail in the photo - but ensure you have the photo in a colour version as well.

• Relaxed and natural posing.

During your portraits, family and group photos I will provide the direction where needed. Many couples tell me they will be awkward in front of the camera at first, but I will guide you through some actions so that your photos are more candid. Actions like walking together, looking at one-another, embracing each other - to bring out some beautiful and natural poses. I also offer Engagement sessions if you're thinking you'd like a little practice in front of the camera before the wedding day.

• Telling the story.

I use two camera bodies (and a third in the bag just incase!) and a mix of lenses (35mm, 24-70mm, 50mm and 85mm) to provide you with a variety of photographs - close-up, wide shots, landscape photos, intimate portraits, fun photos, silly poses with your bridal party, movement in your dance floor shots, candid guest photos and more, all of which to tell the story of your wedding day.